Let us make your products

Whether you want us to make your product from start to end or only require packaging services, we can help you.

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Development and testing is done In our state of the art laboratory.

Blending, processing, filling are done in dedicated areas in our factory.

Jars, bottles, tubes, sachets and outer packaging.

Product types

We produce a vast varieties of products:

  • Skin Care

    Creams, lotions, tonics, gels, washes, speciality treatments

  • Powders

    Electrolyte blends, protein powders, analytical reagents, buffers etc.

  • Solutions

    Solutions in water can be made in different grades: demineralised, destilled and sterile filtered (0,45 µm filter).

Our standards

Cosmetic GMP standard production of skin care products.

GMP certified production of food supplements

Production and packaging of medical devices, reagents, technical solutions, creams and powders.